Love is enough

Ecotopia Australia was born from a love of practical and ethical items for everyday use. Thanks to our day jobs, we’ve worked on some of the most amazing brands in the world. Over the last 25 years we have sourced, created and supplied extraordinary products that we now wish to share with you.

Look deep into nature, then you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein

Who are we?

We are Traders, Storytellers, Artists and Scientists collaborating in a curated Emporia of everyday products and services designed to uplift and inspire you. Conceived in 2012, Ecotopia has been nurtured to life by a group of people who share a deep love of beautiful, functional and ethical products.

Seven years in preparation was spent on research, testing and product development. We source and supply only that which sits lightly on our descendant’s shoulders.

In so many ways we are living through a contemporary Renaissance.

And experiencing lightning-fast changes and developments that are breaking us down and breaking us through. All day. Everyday. Our choices now will define us in years to come.

This is our life in the early 21st Century.

As in all times before now, we are constantly upgrading ourselves on many levels simultaneously. We often ask where is this going; rather than where are we taking this and what is our legacy?

Through what we eat, drink and think, we ultimately create the world we live in. Our human physiology needs time to absorb, digest and implement the new information.

Ecotopia Australia products are designed to help you stay connected and calm, grounded and grateful on your Daily Journey through Life.

Tread lightly, Live well.

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